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About the lily pads


My interest in a lily pad portfolio started in 2017 when I was walking along a boardwalk bridge in Crosswinds Marsh.  There were millions of lily pads and I was stopped by the blinding noon sun washing over them as I looked to the south.  Something spoke to me.  At the time, I wasn’t sure just what.  Today, I’m still not completely sure, but it’s feeling closer. 


These images are a humble attempt to tell a visual interpretation of the lily pads, water, and Light.  They present the world which we are immersed… the Light above, life on the surface, and a peek at the world beneath.  


The lily pads are islands of rest amidst the dramas of life in the depths below and of the Light above.  The water on which they rest is a window of our everyday existence between the heavens and the depths of our lives, and our consciousness when we choose to appreciate it. 


When clouds appear, they sometimes obscure my view (symbolic?) yet their reflections and the glow of Light brilliantly backlighting their edges is beautiful.  


Life under the surface is revealed and can truly be appreciated when the Light is strong, the deeper passages enlightened to display their own wonders.

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